About the Company

Roshelle’s Cuisine & Event Services, LLC has been operating the business in the State of Georgia for some time.  We pride in using real wholesome, organic ingredients, and locally grown organic produce.  Our meats are selected from the best butchers & processors for fresh-cut meats.  We pride in being a company that uses no pork or pork by-products in any of our dishes.  We also pride in keeping our vegan prepared dishes totally separate from the environment of processed or cooked meat meals. 

Meet Chef Roshelle Muhammad

Roshelle's Cuisine and Catering Services - Chef Roshelle Muhammad

As a Chef, I could come to appeal to the public with high degrees of display from Culinary Arts with a specialty.  Truth is Roshelle Muhammad comes from a family of women who believes in empowering other women and children through the art of food. My grandmother taught my mother and my mother taught me.   I grew up with festive food celebrations shared as a way to reach, stimulate thought, and drop seeds to hold accountability to make others want to do better for themselves.   I would have to give much respect to my Mother, Ethel Marie Pleasant for teaching me how to cook and wanting to be in the kitchen.  Extended honor and respect is given to MGT-GCC (Muslim Girls Training & General Civilization Class). It was within this class of training, gives me a purpose as a person to extend a Do-For-Self-Message through the process of knowing you got some good prepared meals from me.   My style of cooking is southern holistic. Southern Holistic means to take traditional dishes Americans are acquainted with and make them better tasting while receiving a higher nutritional value for human consumption.  It is my duty to help expose my client’s family to a diverse way of life through food and entertainment.